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The Legacy of Kaldea


As evidenced by historical documents and antiquities, Chaldeans, "The Native Iraqis", are the descendants of the Proto-Kaldees, who built the three southern prime cities of ancient Mesopotamia: Eridu, Ur & Uruk (Kulapa) during the Pre-Diluvian Dynasties. The Chaldeans, and Syriacs of Iraq ethnically belong to the same nationality, but possess three different labels. The ethnic name of Chaldeans or Kaldaee came after what scholars label as the Proto-Chaldees of ancient Kaldea "Mat-Kaldu" 5300 BC.

Syriac became the name of our people after we embraced Christianity in the first Century AD. "Athur" meaning "citizens" was derived from the word "Athra" standing for "Homeland" and was adopted by these people.

Together, we are the descendants and direct relatives of the most Humble Masters, including Father Abraham, who immigrated from Ur of Kaldees to the promised land, and a series of renowned kings, including Ku-Shuma-Bil, Ga-Ur/Gura, Aga, Meshalim, Sharu-kin/Sargon, Hammurabi, Mardukh-Apla-Iddina II/Merodach-Baladan, Nabopolassar, and Nebuchadnezzar II.

Our people ought to be proud of their forefathers, the founders of the most ancient and sophisticated civilization and the pioneers of human culture by virtue of being the people who taught humanity the most significant basics known by refined societies including the Writing system, law and order, Math (Calculus), Engineering and Architectural design, Mechanical and Electrical Techniques, Astrology-Astronomy, Geography, Digital Music, General Health and Medicine, Time and Calendar, Banking and Currency, Weights and Scales, Length and Distance. Not to mention other achievements such as Mythologies, School system and Library, Games and athletics, Fashions, Wine and Liquor, Wheel and Potter's Wheel, and much more . For that reason, Mesopotamia is called the Land Of Firsts, and our Chaldean people the Timeless People.

Amer Hanna Fatuhi
Visual Artist & Historian

Symbol of Goddess Ishtar,
from the Processional Way
of Babylon

The first known (outline)
Map of the World.
From the last
Chaldean Empire

Mathematical problem
and solution relating to a right-angled triangle.
From Old Babylonian period.

The Chaldean National Calendar

The CHALDEAN National Calendar, is a unique project that was established in 2002 as a part of the Cultural Fall program run by the Chaldean Educational/ Cultural Center of America a non-profit organization "501(C)(3)" and Mesopo-tamia Art, History & Beyond, Inc. (a Learning Studio & Art Gallery).

The objective of this project is to promote business with the Chaldean community all over the United States in general and the state of Michigan in particular, along with fami-liarizing other Americans with our ancestors’ rich history and the achieve-ments of the Chaldeans in the business sector.

If You Are Interested In Promoting Your Chaldean Legacy To The World By Keeping The Chaldean National Calendar Lively, Simply Support This Project By Placing Your Business Ad On One Of Its Monthly Sponsorships.
Collecting Ads begins in mid July.

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